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Welcome to UAE.COM, the official site of the United Arab Emirates (proposed). Explore government services, travel and vacation information, real estate listings, sports updates, real time news feeds, Expo2020 information and more.

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A world-class metropolis. Spectacular pristine beaches. A rich and diverse history. A strong, growing economy. A warm and welcoming people. The UAE is a wonderful place to live, work or visit and UAE.COM is the fast and easy way to access the information or services you need.

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The UAE has become a world inspiring model of progress and tolerance in just 40 years. Today, the UAE represents a strong, vibrant and modern nation that welcomes visitors from around the globe. From breathtaking modern architecture and gleaming new cities, to sunlit sandy beaches, to opulent shopping, dining and resort living, UAE has it all. UAE.cOM is your source to access the best from each of the Emirates--Real Estate listings, Government contacts and information, Travel and vacation resources, Updated news, Weather and Sports, and International Events like EXPO2020. And much more.


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